Happy 11th Monthsary, Mahal!

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We had a very happy, happy day! Well at first, I thought our day will just be simple and the usual montthsaries that we had.
But, it ended happily. :)

August 21st is a Holiday that's why we finally met on the day of our monthsary. At first, I said that if he needs to go to work (he's an Engineer, and the whole building is crying because he'll not be there on the site joke haha), then we can meet some other time. But he insisted, saying, "Gusto ko talaga makita ang mukha mo.." And then, I just died. Haha. 
We decided to just be in the nearby mall and eat. And, he bought me this book about God's will for us.

After eating, we went to a Karaoke Hub just inside the mall and we sang to the top of our lungs with matching dance moves and videos! We really had a blast.

We were about to go home when he held my hand and thanked me sincerely. "Mahal, thank you sa 11 months na pagtitiyaga mo sakin." I asked him why. " Kasi mahal na mahal mo pa din ako. Kahit minsan pasaway ako. Mahal na mahal kita ha. Sobrang thank you kay God. Forever natin Siyang i-praise."

Thank You Lord for 11 months of being with him and You as the center of our relationship.

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