Happy 23rd Birthday, Mahal! ♥

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September 25, 1990


One special and gifted child was born on this day. As time passes by, this pretty boy grew up strong, full of hope and most of all, God-fearing. I knew that he had ups and downs in life. But through the grace of our Lord, he surpassed them all with open heart.


September 25, 2013

This day has been very memorable for me. On the night before his birthday, I gathered the things needed for his day. Wanting to make him feel very special, I searched and thought of anything that could make him smile.
4:30 PM came and I went to Megamall to get documents from DFA.
Also, I bought a cake and waited for him at the food court. While waiting for him, I thank God for a wonderful day and for showering blessings to us. And, the birthday boy finally arrived! I greeted him with a sweet 'Happy Birthday' and a kiss!
He was my former colleague and I know that he misses everyone from the site he was working then and his co-engineers and officemates at the main office. I got a card from our company exclusively for him (where everyone was shocked because he still had his birthday card from our President even though he is now not connected with the company) and  asked some of our officemates to greet him on his special day. I as well contacted his friend from the site he worked before and they wrote a simple greeting for him.
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And it worked really well! I saw his wide smile while reading all of their greetings!
Also, I bought two cute-sized notebooks from National Bookstore. I wrote my favorite scriptures on one notebook and assigned the other one for his daily devotion.
I know God is our everyday strength and we have to know and acknowledge Him completely everyday.
After I explained what I wrote in the notebooks, he kissed my forehead and asked if he could cry right then and there! of course I said no with a smile. :)
Oh, I almost forgot! I gave him a yellow toy car! I did not plan on buying this one but when I saw this yellow car, I feel in love right then and there. So, the ending was I bought this cute car/speaker! I filled it with songs for the soul from Hillsongs and Planetshakers. I as well gathered our pictures and paste it to the micro sd attached on the toy car.
Of course, it is not okay with me if he will not blow a cake on his birthday! So, I surprised him with a cake saying:
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He looks so happy here! :D

Before we ate dinner, he prayed and thank the Lord for the blessings, for the good health and for always being faithful to us. I look at him and I had goosebumps all over my body. I also closed my eyes, prayed, and thank God for this man beside me.

After dinner, he cut his cake and we ate some of it! It was already 7:00 PM then so we quickly got up and headed to the MRT station because we will attend the Wednesday Service of Victory Pioneer. I can say that this is the best part of the night -- His Word. After the service, we went to see his workmates who happened to attend to the service as well and introduced me to some of them. After some exchange of smiles, we bid goodbye and went home.
It has been a very wonderful day full of His word, a simple but happy one for his birthday and a full, happy tummy for us! :D I love him so much and I am happy as well every time I see him smile.
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Happy Birthday, Mahal. I love you so much.

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