One Victorious Night: July 17, 2013

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Marvin and I started to attend church fellowship at Victory Pioneer at Robinsons Forum last July 17, 2013. His friends at work invited him and he also invited me. And I also said yes. Ever since, I already wanted to be regular in a church that will help me grow spiritually.
Since my time out is 7PM, I arrived at 7:30PM. 

Yes, sadly I was late. Good thing Marvin and his colleagues reserved a seat for me. It was my very first time to attend Victory Church Fellowship. As I entered the church, I noticed the wide area full of people about more or less 200. It was cold and peaceful and the voice that I am only hearing was of the pastor. It’s as if… I found my second home. 

Goosebumps flooded my cold skin. As I walked shyly through the crowd, I looked at how the pastor speaks – full of the Holy Spirit, full of love, enthusiastic and lively. As I sat, Marvin introduced me to his friends and saw their warm smile.
The topic then was about relationship. 

There are two things I will never forget about that night. First, the pastor focuses on letting us realize that we should have a relationship with people who will lift us higher. It is very fulfilling to have friends, family or a partner who also has a relationship with God, who will be there through the ups and downs and will never allow you to do evil things.

I remembered one of my high school teachers said on one of her lessons to choose our friends wisely because they will be one of those people who will mold us and be our second family. Second, the pastor also talked about the communion. Wines and breads were passed around and he let us face our seatmate - my partner was Marvin. The pastor asked us to open our burden on that particular day to our partner and at the end, we’ll both pray for each other. 

And, I was shaking - shaking because I have lots to say and I have lots to pray. There was a long silence between us and he was the one who broke it. He started to talk about his burdens. He talked about us – that I may give him a chance to prove his true intentions and feelings once again for me; his present situation – about his job and things that he needed to do; and his family – that he so much loves. He as well prayed for me. It was just overwhelming to hear someone pray for you sincerely. 

It was as if my heart is ready to burst with mixed emotions of happiness, fulfillment and joy in His grace. And it was my turn. I can’t talk. My hands were shaking and my eyes were starting to water. So, the only thing I said to him was I want to be healed; I want to forgive those who did not treat me right; and I would start with myself. After that, he held my hand and felt his sincere heart.

After that night, we talked and promised to attend the service every Wednesday. This is the change I am really talking about - to walk life with Him.

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