The Day I Met his Parents ♥

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Yesterday, April 20, 2014 was one of the happiest moments of my life. Marvin asked me to visit his homeland, Pampanga. I left our house at 8:00AM and traveled  alone to San Fernando, Pampanga for an hour.

Marvin and his youngest brother  fetched me in SM Pampanga, ate breakfast and went straight to Victory San Fernando. After an hour and a half of service, we rode a jeepney and tricycle straight to their house. (I don't have a lot of pictures because I am so nervous that time!)

And then, I finally arrived at their peaceful sanctuary. Their house is so peaceful for me. They have a garden for her Mother, a 'Kubo' made by his Father, am not working, but memorable poso (lol) and a number of fruit bearing trees like langka and sinigwelas.
But, the wind is really blowing so hot that time.

Anyway, I have here some photos of Marvin but here's the best and funniest. He's wearing the sando of his youngest bro. :) His Mother is on his back, cooking spaghetti we bought.

His Mother is so kind and beautiful. Now I realized that he looked like her Mom. I also saw his Father and two siblings. After some minutes, his Tito went over and Marvin introduced me to them.

"Girlfriend ko po.", he said, with a smile.

10276520_10202041577823173_23542844_n (1)
Here's his pacute, pamacho at papoging pose. Haha!

I had a very happy and memorable day.

His Mother took all their family pictures and Marvin and I browse all the pictures, laughing! I hope you will all see how adorable and makulit he was when he was still small.

Honestly, I never thought that I will be visiting them this soon. But I am so happy knowing and seeing that he is so happy that day.

Thank you Lord for this blessing.

Looking forward to go back on their town fiesta! So excited!

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