Always Pray For Your Better Half

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We always pray for our better half. What if you are still waiting? Pray, still. It works.

We always tend to see and visualize our future with him and with our own family built with dreams, goals and good foundation

We always want to end up with a good man with strong faith in Him, who will take care of our family, who will always be faithful to us and who will always be there to love us until the end.

I just want to share the love of my life and the one who is always by my side, loving me wholeheartedly. 

I was checking this blog when I started searching for pictures of us here in my computer. And then, I decided to randomly pick pictures with him. And it just amazed me so much because it turns out that all our pictures are memorable for me! Lol.

One of the best gifts ever.

This is one of the most memorable pictures of us. I can feel how God loves us so much. We feel so blessed and happy.

Written by him. I know, I know. Corny much. Hahahaha
This may seem a bit awkward and embarrassing to post, but I still feel butterflies every time I see this. 

Billiards, eh?
This is the very first picture of us together at the Trion Towers of Robinsons Residences.

One of my favorites! We look so young!

Yes, young at heart, of course. I remember that this picture is one of those early days for us. We went out and watched movie at Sta. Lucia Mall.

Stolen kiss! Eee. 

We're just doing selfies here and there and here he is, stealing kisses -- sweet kisses!

I just love this man so much. He always reminds me that life is about God. We want our relationship to be focused in God who is our only Savior because we know that He is the best foundation above all! Many firsts and dreams happened to me ever since we started this relationship.

Truly, He is the God of second chances. He gives us blessings, trials and people to be close to Him again -- and to know that He is indeed alive.

I love you, with the love of God.

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