I have to Run

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March 26, 2013

Getting fatter than ever,

Needed to run,

Went to a place,

Where people are one.

The place was dark,

People were few.

As I started to run,

Mind fills thoughts of you.

Needed you out,

Out of my mind.

Out of my heart,

Out of my sight.

Running like forever,

Said this is for you.

For every single word you said,

Will try to let it go.

As I looked up,

The sky was in it utmost beauty,

Clouds were dancing,

Moon was smiling.

Feelings crept through my soul,

Closed my eyes and pray,

That one day I’ll know,

How to stop these crazy days.

I ran for you;

Every step I take I give to you.;

Will leave behind everything;

Everything that we’ve been through.

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