One Last Day

11:55:00 PM Pia Thought 0 Comments

Feb 13, 2013

Did you ever try to seduce me?

With your eyes as mysterious as it can be.

Your smile etches deeply inside me

And your heart is bursting with so much glee.

Never thought I will feel this way

You touched me profoundly in your every sway

The way you move makes me glow

Should I continue this.. or should I just go?

Thought I was strong, but i have failed

I said we will be just plain close friends,

But each time you call I have this beat,

My heart just keeps singing every heat.

Wondering if you ever feel this way too,

Living everyday with troubling hearts for you.

What do you feel in every single time we talk?

Do you also wish we have a time to go for a walk?

Do you still remember the first time you asked me,

“Do you have a small space in your heart for me?

Never imagined you’d utter those words,

But was it really true, or was it just a burst?

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