To The Guy Who Asked For A Second Chance

10:16:00 AM Pia Thought 0 Comments

Hello to you, dear one.

I know that it is clear to you that you have caused me so much pain and sleepless nights when I first knew that thing. Yes, it is overwhelming.

I let you hear my pain.

I cried so many times asking what I did wrong to deserve such treatment behind my doors.

After the long talks, the cries of anguish, the never ending questions of what ifs, and the pain of assurance of what you really feel, you asked for a second chance.

And this time, you will never take it for granted, you said.

I have known you for quite some time already. I know your strength, I know your flaws. And even if I knew worse, I still chose to embrace everything about you -- your strengths and weaknesses.

After praying and asking God, He gave me this sign that I need to give this relationship another shot, another chance. He said my hope is not in vain.

I still believe God will change your heart.

And I also want to let you know that I am trying.. I am trying and praying everyday to forget and forgive you.

So to you, please do not ruin this second and last chance now. I love you, but this helped me realize that intentions should be clear because that is what a real man should be doing.

I am praying everyday that you'll not just know your word, but you'll do what exactly you said.

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