Suicide Squad and the Date

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Suicide Squad is now showing here in the Philippines and Marvin, being the movie lover that he is asked me to watch it together. Though I'm not really a fan of movies and cinemas (but of course I love it if it's free! Haha), I agreed and off we met at the nearby mall in my area.

We immediately checked the movie time and bought a ticket for two for the 4:50PM screening. Because I have no idea yet of what Suicide Squad is, I let Marvin talk about it, and all he said was the movie is a mix of love, war, hatred, romance, comedy, and everything in between. 

Well honestly, I didn't believe him. Haha! I thought it was pure war and killings and stuff like that.

We then decided to eat in a fast food chain while waiting for the movie time. We talked about everything. We even had a misunderstanding about something again but still, God is so gracious that He gives us patience and love to understand things. Haha. 

He again mentioned that he is changing for me, and he wants everything back again for me and for our relationship. My trust and heart for him. 

Anyway, back to the movie! Haha. 4:50PM came and off we went to the movie area. 

Surprisingly, I had a great laugh and scream because of this movie. I love Harley Quinn and her character that was so in love with Joker. Honestly, what I just hate about the movie was Joker. I just can't stand his face and his crooked teeth. I feel scared each time I remember him. Haha!

Anyway, we really had fun that we again forgot to take pictures.

(August 5, 2016)

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