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The TravelBook.ph Blogger Affiliate Program is a game changer in the affiliate marketing scene. Aside from the usual opportunities to earn income, TravelBook.ph offers other exciting perks to reward and engage its blogger affiliates. 


1. Earn money easily 
Like any other affiliate program, TravelBook.ph gives its affiliates exclusive access to promotional tools like banners and widgets, which you can easily apply to your website. By using these tools, you can promote TravelBook.ph, convert website traffic to hotel bookings and generate revenues in return. 


2. Be trained by our digital marketing professionals 
Our digital marketing professionals give hands-on trainings and expert advice to help you plan, strategize, and apply the best ways to market your blog. Affiliate trainings are specifically geared to turn bloggers into marketing experts, thereby maximizing your website into a full-blown income-generating platform. 


3. Widen your network 
The TravelBook.ph Blogger Affiliate Program allows its affiliates to widen their network through special events and programs. You can meet not only your fellow bloggers but reputable names as well in the travel and leisure industry. With their help, you can reach a bigger and more active audience. 


4. Get free trips and join exclusive events 
One of the biggest perks you have access to, beyond the chance to earn money, is the series of opportunities to go on all-expense paid trips and join exclusive events where you can get a lot of freebies as well as valuable information and knowledge to build your website and network. 


5. Have access to exclusive deals 
As an affiliate, you will have special deals just for you on top of the current promos available from TravelBook.ph. You will also be given advance notices of our upcoming promos that you can publish in your blogs to entice more people to book hotels through your website. 

If you are a blogger or a website owner and want to enjoy these amazing perks, sign up now for a TravelBook.ph Blogger Affiliate Program account through this link: http://affiliate.travelbook.ph/index.php/register

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