Letting Go

There is Beauty in Surrender

4:46:00 PM Pia Thought 2 Comments

My friend, love yourself to walk away from a man who doesn't acknowledge you, who doesn't appreciate you, and who doesn't want to commit himself to you.

Yes, it is hard. I know.

But you know what? There is Someone greater who loves you, Someone who appreciates every little thing that you do, Someone who wants to be with you every single day, Someone who actually died for you.

His name is Jesus. Jesus Christ.

He is smiling right now because He loves you, hugging you while you're in the abyss of your deep emotions, comforting you each time you feel unworthy and alone, loving you in your most difficult situations.

Dear one, you are so much worthy of a love that is true.

Let go of that tight grip on your own rope. Trust the free fall. It's worth the fall because God will always be there to pick you up.

Yes, it will hurt. No one's going to say it will not. It will certainly hurt.. You will cry yourself to sleep, maybe you'll forget to eat. There will be those days when you can't just go on with life.

But then, know that God is there through every pain. He is close to the brokenhearted! He never leaves. He is here, my friend. He knows every pain, every struggle, every tears from your eyes.

Yes, He knows everything because once in His life, He was rejected, He suffered so much for us, He died for us. That is how much He loves us.

Go back to Him. Acknowledge Him. Know that there is Someone who wants to save you from this mess. You need Jesus. Go back to your original identity in Him.

Because you are loved, you are capable, you are strong, you are beautiful! And God only wants the best for you. He wants the best man for you.

Let go, dear one. There is beauty in surrender. This is the sweetest surrender.

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